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Wedding DJ for Simcoe - Muskoka

Collectively with over 20 years of experience, specializing in Simcoe County, Muskoka and All of Ontario, Jason MacKenzie and his team DJ's have been helping your wedding guests bust-a-move. "The Dance Floor is the Boss!" Jason and his team will make sure that they keep your party going by reading the crowd to see what moves them.

Whether your ceremony, cocktails and receptions are all on one site or scattered thoughout cottage country we have you covered in terms of set-up, teardown, experience and equipment.

  • Get Your INSTANT QUOTE: Follow the convenient online form to price your services.
  • Talk to Us: We will contact within 24 hours to chat about your quote and answer any questions you may have. This Part of the booking process will set all of us up for success ensuring that you have EXACTLY what you need for equipment and staff on your wedding day.
  • Put A Ring On It: Let's get serious about haveing fun! To reserve your wedding date and to make it "official" you will be prompted to send us a non-refundable initial payment with your event agreement.
  • Decisions - Decisions - Decisions: Though we can take requests from your guests, this is YOUR special day. What music do you want to walk down the aisle to? Mix and mingle to? Dine to? Dance to? So many songs to choose from but don't worry, we have you covered. You will be sent login information for a special section of our website that will provide you with lots of tools to help you make these decisions. Your guests can even submit their favourites for you to consider using the same system.
  • The Final Countdown: With approximately 2 weeks to go we will review all of your information you have submitted and contact you to fill in the blanks (if there are any!) This is a great time to catch us up on your wedding day plans and then take one big, deep breath.